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ABF RC Li-Po Battery (18.5V-6000mAh) 40C 5S2P 8034125--US$63.00

Production Name:

ABF RC Li-po Battery 5S2P 8034125(18.5V-6000mAh) 40C 

Price:   $63 / Each

Stock:   3000


Total cost:   $63

Product Descriptions

ABF RC Li-po Battery 5S2P 8034125(18.5V/6000mAh) 40C


Rated parameters


Chemical system

Pure cobalt system


Height X Width X Length

80mm X 34mm X 135mm




+/-0.2 gram

Rated Capacity(0.2C)

6000 mAh


Nominal Voltage



Highest charged voltage


(must be charged with balance charger)


Lowest discharged voltage



Standard Charge

           1200 mA X 6 hour


Rapid charge

          6000 mA X 1.2 hour


Highest charging rate



Max. continuous discharge current



Max. pulse discharge current for less than 5 second



Internal resistance

Less than 15 mili Ohme

Fully charged under 1000 Hz.

Cycle life

100% DOD

80% DOD

60% DOD

500 cycles

800 cycles

1000 cycles

The dead battery end capacity is 75% of fresh battery


Less than 3% per month


Charged degree upon delivery



Recommend Storage condition:

15-30 and 60-70% relative humidity.

Working temperature range:

-35 to +75

Working humidity range:

less than 98%.

Drop test:


drop freely from height 2 m to oak wood board, there is no fire, no explosion, no leakage, no smoke.

Puncture test:


puncture with metal needle(diameter 2mm),

there is no explosion, no fire, no smoke, no leakage.

Battery storage cautions

During battery storage, the battery must be fully charged and discharged at least once, and the battery voltage can not be lower than 18V during whole storage, or battery may dead easily.


The battery must be recycles according to local authority stipulation and can not result in any secondary environment pollution