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China ABF Motorcycle Battery LiFePO4 C1-400A CA -----------L X W X H = 114mm X 60mm X 86mm--US$36.00/Pc.

Production Name:

 Battery name: China ABF-MB-C1-400A CA


Price:   $36 / Each

Stock:   2998


Total cost:   $36

Product Descriptions

 Battery name: China ABF-MB-C1-400A CA

special advantages: 
(1):with 4 tabs and 3 install holes for each tab.
(2): with super light but durable modified Aluminum to make tabs.
Weight: only 800g(1.76Lb)
Cranking Current(CA) at 25℃.
Length X Width X Height=114mm X 60mm X 86mm
Nominal voltage: 12.8V.
Highest Charged voltage: 14.6V
Max. continuous charging current(over 10 seconds): 12A
Lowest discharged cut-off voltage: 10V.
Temparature rang: -35℃ to +85℃
Cycle life with charging current 4A and discharging current 4A: over 5000 times.
Cells and battery pack protection: with built-in balancing circuit.
Cells and battery pack tendering: with  ABF specially designed and made simple but effective tender charger 
Any case color(except green and red lid, black bottom case) are aviable with MOQ 500PCs.
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